Wembley Stadium

As a famous football stadium in the world, Wembley stadium is the football fields, where numerous football matches have been hold and many records have been broke by excellent football players. Prior to the opening of the present Wembley stadium, it was demolished from 2002 to 2003. Besides many home competitions of the England national football team and the FA Cup Final, the stadium is also taken as the home of Premier League and Tottenham Hotspur temporarily, for their stadium being demolished and constructed at the present moment.

At the cost of £798 million by Australian firm, it was constructed with 9,000 seats and a large arch, being the biggest football stadium of England, the biggest one of the United Kingdom and the second-large one across the whole Europe. The most attractive highlights of the stadium is the retractable roof and 134-meter-high arch. At the stadium, you could recall many classic scenes about a great English football player – David Beckham, a famous football player in England kit and cultural icon of the elegant England.

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